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towing, lluçanes
Elevator service with basket 5x18m

For 3 people to work.

Towing service 3.500 kg

18 metres height capstain.

We advise in the application of appropriate building materials / technologies, in order to provide the highest level of service in the most efficient and sustainable manner.

Eficiency & Sustainability

Maintenance service
Interior service

We offer a complete service from the earliest planning stages right through to final project closeout.

Restoration, osona


General construction rehabilitation, renovation, interior design, painting, plumbing, insulation,

lighting, carpentry,

Consistent attention to every client. Service is staffed by our own experienced personnel.


General construction Industrial maintenance  conservation & restoration

 Interior design for offices Warehouses


We build design solutions. Service focused on company retail and home.


General construction Rehabilitation, renovation Interior design for shops lighting, painting, decoration


From partial reforms housing, facades, kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, restoration and rehabilitation of farmhouses to availability in a full-service for new construction.



Our experience in all types of construction projects, allows us to plan their work to the smallest detail. We work any style as we adapt to the tastes and requirements of the customer. In addition, we offer full service, so that coordinate the actions of our staff according to each specific need.

We carry out any work of maintenance, rehabilitation, adaptation of new regulations and new construction of industrial buildings, factories, offices and farms.



We work to incorporate the best techniques in sustainability in all of our construction projects. Industrial and prefabricated with high thermal inertia, plant cover and perfect positioning on the ground. Just apply a new system for placing thermoclay, for more quality in the placement and speed, in building farms and industrial buildings.



We offer technical advice, renovation, decoration and interior design of all types of commercial buildings, factories, bars, restaurants, studios, offices...



Whatever the need for professional, our team developed the project of rehabilitation that meets customer specifications. We consider customer likes and preferences and study the possibilities of business, to carry out the project completely tailored, with maximum rigor and seriousness.

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