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Tan tèrmics com acústics.

Materials & tools

Building Lluçanes


We use a proprietary capture-transfer-delivery process to deliver natural light to places that were once thought impossible. This products combine technologies with progressive engineering for daylighting that delivers a superior blend of illumination intensity, thermal performance and light consistency. This systems are easy to install, and are virtually maintenance-free. 

          The real quality of a building, lies in the systems used and their correct implementation".


We respond to a demanding client profile, who wants to see beyond the walls and look for a real quality of the work. We have full arrangement of quality materials, tools and adequate resources homologated, allowing us to respond quickly and deal with the development and execution of any work, ensuring the final satisfaction of our customers.

Ceilings & Drywall
Placement insulation

Roofs and porches attached to the facade. Placing tongue and sanwitch panels, collars and wooden beams.

We build all types of concrete structures: walls, floors, stairs, columns, formwork and building.

Placement of drywall, ceilings and placement as acoustic as thermal insulation.

All types
Sustainable construction

We are specialized in placing stone: along with and without stone aged, with dry, and so on.

We have the technology needed to make a perfect cut and a positioning system completely leveled.

Sustainable construction involves issues such as the design; materials performance; construction technology and processes; and resource efficiency.

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