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Start to finish

and beyond 


We provide our costumers a complete ‘start-to-finish’ service. We undertake all stages of the project, from the earliest planning stages, to final project closeout.

Our work is based on these four principles: safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability. As we build new, renovate or add on, our efficient, and durable building practices are at the core of our work. The quality of our work is wholly focused on client satisfaction. We lead our clients throughout the process while keeping your project on track and on budget.  


We take care to provide all necessary resources to adapt your ideas and carry out your project successfully focusing on exceptional detail. We study your project and we offer the solution that fits better, and more efficiently to your needs, finding innovative and pragmatic solutions to any issues that may arise.

A guarantee of quality, experience and comprehensive construction management services.

We bring daylight into interior your homespaces

We are distributors of skylight tube that are engineered to efficiently capture the sun’s rays and pipe them into your home. 

Less dust and perfect cuts

For us innovation is the best bet to stand out from the rest. Through our relentless pursuit of innovation, we can offer a curated cut working without almost dust.

We apply all systems of safety

We work with the highest regard to the safety. We built on the belief that both, employees and clients, deserves a safe, healthy and secure work environment. Because of this reason, our staff is subjected to continuous training on the hazards of their job and how to do their job safely.

We are able to provide construction management and contracting services all across the Catalonia region.

We move around Catalonia.

We believe in quality, high speed and accuracy

Our team work is based on professionalism, discipline, high performance and quality team work. The result is an efficient homebuilding process.

We install and electrical floor and wall heating Schüter® compact system

Due to the low auxiliary costs, Schlüter® is an economic solution for creating cozy, comfortable floors. This system, not only heats targeted floor areas quickly and individually, but also uncouples the covering from direct contact with the substrate. 

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